As a student, every little bit of money matters. Fortunately, as a student you also qualify for an Ignition Account which means no monthly maintenance fees and lots of discounts and services.

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What you get
  • Cash back at Point-of-Sale – you can withdraw cash within a Shoprite or Pick 'n Pay store, after a transaction, at no cost 
  • Swipe for your goods at no extra cost
  • Free ATM cash deposits
  • CashSend
  • Specials and discounts on products and services from our various Barclays alliance partners 
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What you need to know
  • You must be a student (between the age of 18 and 24 years old)
  • No minimum account balance
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What to bring when you apply
  • Your National ID card or a valid passport if you are not Zambian
  • Student ID
  • Letter from your learning institution
  • Residential address confirmation
  • Postal address confirmation (if any)
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