Our electronic cheque writing service allows your company to outsource the printing and signing of cheques to Barclays.

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How it works

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How it works
  • Once you have signed up, our Internet Integrator will allow you to request for bank guaranteed cheques to be drawn on your accounts for your beneficiaries
  • If you choose to print business cheques, then your signature will be scanned and pre-printed on all the cheques, to avoid having to sign every cheque
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  • The bank is able to monitor details of your payments minimising fraudulent activity
  • Physical security of blank cheque stationery is left to the bank

For more details contact us on:
Tel: +260 211 236 720/ 366 150
E-mail: Ellen.mtine@barclays.com / Muzala.mukuwa@barclays.com

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Bank Direct - Mail
  • Save time with Bank Direct - Mail
  • We collect non-cash items such as cheques, instructions, treasury confirmations, trade documents, and cheque book requests and deliver these to the bank on your behalf
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Bill Validation
  • Our Bill Validation solution ensures 100% accuracy of the information captured during over-the-counter collections
  • The bank authenticates narrations provided by your customer against a database of the payer’s details provided by you
  • This makes for easier reconciliation and accurate data capture, enabling you to use the bank statement for updating your operating or accounting systems
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Cash Deposit Vouchers
  • You can collect or deposit cash at any of our branches
  • Deposits done at the branch require the depositor’s unique reference. Your unique reference ensures over-the-counter cash, cheque and account transfers across all our branches countrywide
  • Depositor information is available to you instantly
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