Barclaycard is part of the Barclays Group and is one of the world’s largest providers of card acceptance services for merchants. This is a service that enables your customers to pay using their credit or debit cards.

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Benefits of allowing customers to pay by card


People often choose the places to shop where they can pay using their card.

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Increased Sales

Customers who have credit and debit cards tend to spend more than those who only carry cash.

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More spending

Credit cards offer greater freedom to spend on unplanned purchases.

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Customers from overseas are likely that they will prefer to pay by card rather than cash.

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Lower costs

Reduce cash handling costs and risk of fraud by having less cash on your premises.

We provide dedicated customer support that includes:
  • Implementation support - to help you get started, we will have our merchant advisors on hand to set up your terminals and provide training for your staff on how to accept card payments
  • Helpdesks covering customer service and technical support
  • Training to help you manage fraud
  • A dedicated contact point for all your queries
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How to Become a Merchant
  • Fill in the simple application forms
  • Read and understand the conditions
  • Provide necessary documentation as required by the bank
Merchant service
Benefits of a Barclays Connect Machine
  • Reliable rapid services and transaction authorisation
  • Support in pioneering new technologies that can transform your business
  • Ability to transact in currency of preference
  • A wider market with more card schemes
  • Partnerships that generates promotional campaigns to boost sales
  • Quick payments for your goods and services

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